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Telereal Trillium – Powered with the Cloud

06-22-2016 RedPixie

RedPixie were sponsored by Telereal Trillium, a Large Commercial Real Estate, who put their trust in RedPixie to re-develop part of their Forecasting system so that it could leverage modern cloud based technologies.


RedPixie recently completed a technically complex and exciting engagement for Telereal Trillium, that centred around making improvements to key components of the firms forecasting engine. The forecasting engine is used to forecast multi-year budgets based on numerous complex business scenarios. The forecasting models were built on legacy technologies and as a result the business process had become inefficient in executing long term forecasts. Watch the video to find out more.

About the partner

RedPixie helps organisations challenge the status quo and achieve breakthrough business results using the Microsoft cloud. We ‘solve for the client’ and prioritise business outcomes over technology fads. We work in a consultative and collaborative way to get the best opportunities and results for our customers.

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