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How Office 365 eliminates the challenges of mobile working

05-09-2016 New Signature

As of 2015, 13.7 percent (4.2 million) of the British workforce are working from home on a regular basis. This growth of nearly two percent over the last ten years has been contributed to the rise in demand from employees and willingness from employers for a better work/life balance. However, the mobile-centricity and the lowering of barriers to mobile working has allowed for this to become effective.

The Corporate Executive Board, who represent 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies claimed that, after researching 50,000 workers globally, employees who believe that they have good work-life balance work 21 percent harder than those who do not. Perhaps not entirely coincidently, 80 percent of Fortune 500 corporations also use Office 365.

Yet, how has mobile working and work/life balance been supported by Office 365?

Improved Productivity
The powers of Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2016 makes collaboration seamless, regardless of whether you are working at home, the other side of the world or at the very next desk in the office. Being able to virtually work alongside colleagues and co-author documents no matter where you are can improve productivity rather than hinder it.

This is greatly assisted by SharePoint Online and Delve. Working in unison with Microsoft OneDrive, company files are stored in the cloud in one central location, so you are able to access any data that you have authorisation to.

Ease of Communication
Internal communication tools such as Skype for Business and Yammer make communication quick and simple with your colleagues. Video calling and conference calling via Skype allows you to have face-to-face meetings from any device while its instant messaging capabilities are enjoyed both inside and outside of the office.

Having an internal social network like Yammer is a great way to stay up-to-date with what is going on within your office, even if you are not there. Whether you are acknowledging a company or colleagues’ achievement(s), tapping into the vast knowledge-base of your colleagues, receiving an internal memo or just sharing information by yourself, Yammer provides a great tool to communicate company-wide or within selected groups.

Undoubted Reliability
A main concern of using the cloud is how reliable and dependable that it is. Rather than downtime, though, Microsoft Office and Online guarantee a 99.9% scheduled uptime. Through using numerous datacentres across the world, risk is greatly reduced as an outage at one datacentre will simply lead to it being displaced by a backup, in which a user will not face any interruption to their day or their workflow. Using Microsoft’s private, secure cloud allows you to easily keep your data safe rather than facing the risk of a file corruption or virus on a local drive.

Device Compatibility
75% of organisations allow their employees to bring in their own devices, while 24% of those hold their own bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. A clear benefit of Microsoft Azure and of Office 365 allows you to sign in with your login credentials to any component of the Office 365 suite on any device. The only thing that is different is the surroundings and the device.

For some employers, there are concerns surrounding the compatibility of their staff’s own devices and whether or not their devices will have up-to-date software. Microsoft Azure and Office 365 negate these concerns by providing the most recent software updates, allowing all employees to work using the same tools.

Security and Trust
Another concern of using the cloud is the security of your company’s data and how the ease of accessing it is not always a good thing. Your employees having access to all of your company’s data wherever they are can actually be frightening for some employers. Yet, being able to view who is working on a particular document(s) while seeing what edits and amendments have been made, and at which time can remove some of that fear.

In addition to being able to monitor the activity of remotely working employees is the ability to edit access privileges of particular documents. Thus, confidentiality can be kept despite the existence of data being held on the same cloud server.


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